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CASA #20 dOS ríOS DE LA pAZ.

1   /   06   /   2022

Total Area: 404 m², 4349 sq.ft.

Status: ADVANCE 98%

The first level is composed of 3 bedrooms with their respective private bathrooms and between both a common family room, in addition to the laundry.


Outside it has a large terrace with social areas, rest areas and infinity pool, which, considering the climate of the area, will help refresh the external and internal spaces of the house. In front we have green areas and parking spaces for visits.


The second level is made up of a large social area where have the living room, the dining room and a kitchen, these spaces are open to a large outdoor terrace which has a view over the pool and social areas, in addition to views of the sea and nearby mountains, we also have in this level a master bedroom with large private bathroom and closet, as well as a pantry, cellar and bathroom for visits.

The semi-basement consists of a spacious apartment, with space for 2 beds and a kitchen, bathroom and terrace. covered outside. The back of the house has large green areas.

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